Commission Portrait


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This offering is for an original oil painted portrait of any animal or bird. 
 With some good information from you (photos etc.) we can quickly collaborate to create a beautiful original portrait. I do many close up portraits but I also paint full body portraits too. Any creature welcome! This is a custom order so please e-mail me and we will discuss details.

  Stretched canvas done in oil. Edges are painted for frameless display.

 Allow average of 2 weeks to complete and dry. I work in layers and sometimes it takes several sessions of detailed painting to get the finished painting I am satisfied with. Drying time varies due to humidity levels and the number of orders ahead of you can influence the finished date.

  Sample Sizes and Prices for Canvas Portraits  
8" x 8"  This mini size is good for animal faces.  Dogs, cats, birds, lizards, you name it.
10" x 10"   $85.00
 12" x 12"  
  14" x 18" This size is good starting size for full body portraits.     $175.00
 Many additional sizes available.  Contact me for details.   
 Add 50% for each additional animal added to painting.
  Memorial Portraits on Wood.  
9" x 12".  This can be painted up and down or longwise. Pets' face with name and date if desired. These can be used to commemorate any special event in your pets life.  
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 Gift Certificates Available! Gift Certificates Available!


Contact me with your location for shipping rates.

The first thing to do after you decide you're interested is to e-mail me with photos of the pet you'd like to be painted. A digital photo works well. The larger, clearer and closer the better. You can opt to e-mail them one at a time if they're very large. No such thing as too many photos either. I very often take information off several different pictures as I paint. If you don't have access to digital photos then you can mail me photos and I'll provide you my mailing address.

 Payment is 1/2 down and 1/2 upon completion of the painting for any order over $55.00.  Payment for orders of $55.00 are due at time of order.  

 I will invoice you for the deposit after we look at your photos and discuss details, then when the painting is complete I'll send you an e-mail image of the finished painting to see if there is anything needing tweaking at which time the second half will be due.  

Contact me for more information. 



A small sampling of past paintings

click on painting for larger view


It arrived and is wonderful!! Thanks so much!! I am designer- graduate of **** and I am highly impressed with the painting and couldn't be more pleased!!!!! E.A. brother and his wife LOVED the painting...    I thought he was going to cry,..  He was very very pleased and surprised to say the least.  Thanks again!! S.D.